For this collection we decided to honor THE BUBBA CLUB’s hometown Sakuragaoka which means Cherry Tree Hill in Japanese and is famous for its cherry blossoms since ancient times. 

Available in two colors, green and brown, each cap subtly captures the natural and calming shades of the cherry blossom. The green represents the tender and fresh leaves, while the brown evokes the bark and branches of the majestic cherry tree.

Adorning each cap is a delicate patch featuring a cherry blossom flower, a timeless symbol of ephemeral beauty and rebirth. This embroidered patch adds an authentic touch to each design, showcasing the attention to detail and passion that went into creating these unique caps.

It embodies the subtle elegance and serenity of Japanese nature while offering a unique and distinctive style.

The collaboration comes with an official trading card products like cards, boosters and shop display that will be used in a contest allowing you to win a free hat.