Environmental sustainability is one of our main pillars, which we uphold through such practices as re-using vintage fabrics, upcycling used clothing, selecting eco-friendly materials, and limiting production to minimal quantities.


Free shipping for Switzerland on all orders. We also deliver worldwide orders at prefenretial rates according to the destination country and within short deadlines.


We do accept PayPal, Twint and Credit Card.


If you would like to return the item, please contact us by email within one week after the item arrives. We will tell you how to return it. The arrival date of the item will be based on the arrival date of the delivery company.

For exchanges and returns due to customer’s convenience, the shipping fee will be borne by the customer.

However, we do not accept returns in the following cases.

・ Discounted products

・ Products that have odors, stains, or scratches on the product

・ If the condition at the time of return is significantly different from the condition at the time of delivery

・ If the product tag is lost or damaged

・ Products that have been repaired, washed, and cleaned by the customer

・ Products purchased outside this site

PRECAUTIONS for purchasing in our online store

Please note that the product image may differ slightly from the actual color due to the characteristics of viewing on a personal computer. Regarding the color of the image, we will not treat it as our defect. If you would like to know more about colors, please contact us before purchasing.